Interpreting Standardised Tests Results

Interpreting Your Daughters Standardised Test Results:

Standardised Tests in English Reading and Maths measure your child’s achievement compared to other
children in all schools at the same class or age level.

The two documents attached below should give parents and guardians a comprehensive synopsis on how to interpret your daughters test results.

Children’s Standardised Test scores are shared as a Sten Score on your daughters report card at the end of the school year in Convent Primary School.

Table 1 on the document labelled 'Interpreting Teacher Judgements' provides an overview of the concepts associated with Standardised Test scores.

Table 2 on the document labelled 'Interpreting Teacher Judgements' supports the comparison of Sten Scores and Standard Scores with the national average.

We hope these two documents provide you with a good guide and understanding to standardised testing.

Downloadable File: understanding-standardscores_eng

Downloadable File: interpreting_teacher_judgements_reportcards_english